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Mel Gaynor's Risk + Through Infinity Tour
with Through Infinity
GBP14.50 - GBP32.00
Through Infinity
Through Infinity is out on a tour across Europe to promote the upcoming album "The Afterlife". Powerful visual and musical statement are the symbol of their live performance as they reveal the music that's been taking its' shape for a decade in the studio. The creative mastermind and founder of the band, guitarist Josip Pesut, carved his motivating life experiences into a mission to express the vibes of his songs into the world. Expect nothing but amazing musicians hilighting their long refined craft, a rock spectacle with a genre twist and honesty beneath each word sang and tone played.

Name of the tour "See You In The Afterlife" symbolically reflects on real situation where one had to stand before the mirror and decided either to remain being who he thinks he is or going after who he really is. That's when the real life happened.

See you in the afterlife!